16 April, 2010

My Job Application

To Whom it may Concern,

My name is Jason. I am a surly 23yo with blue/black hair, tattoos, lip piercing and I'm unsuccessfully trying to grow a beard.

I have poor communication skills and am not what you might call a people person. I tend to express myself by scowling. I have however, perfected the art of looking far too busy to concern myself with what it is that I am actually busy doing.

I have a fashionable interest in obscure punk and maintain an aloof disinterest in all other forms of music. If you want to know about anything else, don't ask me.  I do, however, have a collection of Kiss and Guns'n'Roses t-shirts that may or may not be intended to be ironic.

I hope you will look favourably upon my application for the position of sales assistant in the music department of JB Hifi.


  1. I think the act of writing a cover letter goes against type.

  2. GAH! Foiled again!
    Now they'll know I'm polite and knowledgeable and only occasionally sullen and snarky.

  3. This is fantastic! And the exact reason why I no longer shop at JB Hifi unless I absolutely have to.