01 February, 2010

Tag and release

If I said you had a beautiful ’blog, would you hold it against me?
(Thank you, I’ll be here all week, try the risotto)

Kellyansapansa has very kindly tagged me as a beautiful ’blogger.  I don’t know if that means I write a beautiful ’blog, or that I’m beautiful and I ’blog.  Each seems equally unlikely, but I’m flattered all the same.

The idea is to copy the above picture, write seven interesting things about oneself, then invite seven other ’bloggers to do the same, linking to everyone involved.  I’m never sure what to write when things are so open-ended like that.  There is a fine line between the ridiculously trivial and  Eeew, TMI!
But here’s what came to mind....

=  =  =

I was born in Bethlehem.
Bethlehem Hospital, Caulfield.  [boom, tish!]

=  =  =

I voted No in the republican referendum in 1999, not because I support the monarchy, but because I wanted something better than the half-arsed alternative they were offering.  Johnny really played that one well, not that Keating did anything substantial other than to use it as a distraction issue.

=  =  =

I have long nails on my right hand and short nails on my left hand.  See if you can work out why.

=  =  =

I arrange my record collection in chronological order.  If I want to play Abbey Road, I go to 1969.  Goodbye Jumbo is in the mid 1990 section and Eternal Nightcap is in the fourth quarter of 1997.  This makes perfect sense to me.  Anything else wouldn’t feel right.  In the case of reissues, the copy is filed under the original date of release except when I also have an original copy, in which case the original copy is filed under the original release date and the reissue is filed under the date of re-release.  Again, this makes perfect sense.
I haven’t arranged my DVDs but when I do, it will be the same, but I will possibly separate music and movies.

=  =  =

I own twenty ties and counting.
For years, I hated the very idea of ties.  I thought they were completely useless, which, of course, they are.  But I have been somewhat converted by my dearest after she gave me a guitar-covered tie and I decided to wear it when I was playing in the orchestra of a local theatre group production.  After learning a few knots, I found a satisfaction in it and these days, I enjoy the opportunity to wear one.  Ties are a way that men can express their personality and individuality without freaking the whole office out.  I have a theory that the ties men choose are the kinds of shirts they would wear if they thought they could get away with it.  It has made me look at people a different way, and now I can’t help but notice how people tie their ties.  I think you can tell from the knot who is wearing a tie because they choose to, and who is wearing one because they have too.  John Howard’s knots are so perfect they look like they have come out of a mould. (And that’s probably the nicest thing I’ll ever say about him).  By contrast, Tony Abbott does horrible things to ties. 

=  =  =

My middle name is William

=  =  =

I’m on all the major social disease networking sites.  My MySpace is HERE, but I hardly ever check it.  I actually preferred MySpace to Facebook until they started copying Facebook, so I figured if I was going to have Facebook, it might as well be Facebook.
My Facebook page, which I refuse to take seriously, is not easily visible.  I prefer to keep it to people I actually know rather than people on fishing trips.  If you’d like me to add you, leave a comment with instructions on how to find you.
My favourite though, is Twitter.  Yes, I know it seems so lame and I’m not going to argue with anyone who thinks it is.  But it’s quick, it’s fun, it’s undemanding and I’ve actually met more interesting people and learnt more from Twitter than all the others combined.  It’s great for breaking news too.  Why wait for CNN to tell you what’s on Twitter?
Follow me HERE.
And you can ask me all kinds of inappropriate questions HERE.

=  =  =

So now I have to nominate seven others to do this too.  I’m a little unsure of who to suggest.  When I started this ’blog a bit over a year ago, it was simply so I could have complete control and ownership of my writing, instead of it getting lost in a sea of bullshit on MySpace or Facebook.  The social aspect of it has been an unexpected knock-on effect.

There are a couple of ’blogs that I would love to pick, but I know they write mainly for friends and family and aren’t particularly looking for a wider audience.  They know who they are, and if they don’t, I’ll tell them later.  There are another couple who are always and excellent read, but have made it clear in the past that they’re not into the tagging thing, so I’ll respect that.  Then there are several others I follow whose’blogs are on quite specific topics and don’t get into personal posts.  They're all there on my profile anyway, so why not have a look and see if you can tell which is which?

With that said, should they choose to accept, I nominate,

Michelle at OBS:

Anything Fits a Naked Man, who I just discovered today via the aforementioned Kelly

Frisky Librarian from Gleeful and who also runs the excellent photo’blog Girl In Melbourne

Mrs P at A Study in Contradictions

Dan at Journey Through Dark Heat

Von at Vonerable

and for encouragement, Judy at The Queen Speaks


  1. Nicely done! I assume the nails thing is guitar-related?

  2. Wow, Thanks! I'm sincerely humbled, and I can't tell you how much I'm DIGGING this new blogosphere in which I've only just recently dipped my toe! Also, I'm intrigued with your observations about how men wear their ties. I can't WAIT to check it out for myself!

    Thanks again, xo

  3. Am I supposed to feel beautifully tagged?

  4. I think Mrs P is a good choice. I don't know her from Moses but I think she'll love it.

    I don't know how Michelle will respond but I can't wait to read it in Portuguese.

  5. Seriously? Me? I am honoured! I don't usually have any comments for you here - that would require far too many brain cells and I'm saving mine up for selecting shoes each morning - but I do enjoy your writing and your observations about international latrine water levels. Thanks, Bill. Better go write something beautiful in case someone visits my blog, I suppose...

  6. Kelly, you're right.

    Michelle, but of course!

    Von, I just knew that toilet comment was going to follow me around! Who said honesty was the best policy?

  7. *claps hands* Yay. Thanks for the award. I'm very chuffed.

    I just hope I can come up with seven things that I haven't already revealed in cyberspace... I'll do my best.

    Totally agree with you re Twitter. It's so much less demanding and more entertaining and informative than any other social networking site, which is not to say it's not also inane, but that's life, innit?.

    You now have one more follower.

  8. Congrats on your award - my only complaint when I see these is that I'd like to know a bit more about the blogs you're directing us to - I don't necessarily have time to check out them all and just go the most interesting name (that would be you, Frisky Librarian), which means I could be missing the best/most interesting to me. More info please when you tag!
    p.s. agree about Twitter - which is where I first ran into you!

  9. Oh, I wouldn't like to play favourites. I enjoy them all for different reasons, as with all the others I follow. A little mystery is good.