15 January, 2010

Einstein was right

It’s been proven that as the faster you travel, the more time slows down.  I could go into detail about how and why, but for the purposes of this anecdote, I will ask you to kindly accept that it has been done in a relatively humble way.  I don’t agree that this amounts to time travel. It is merely time dilation - something that we can’t control, it simply happens. 

On Wednesday last week, I left Melbourne at 11:35am.  Three and a half hours later, I arrived in Auckland at 5:30pm.  That may seem like a negative gain (since in the age of newspeak, we can can only refer to positive word and expunge all negative words like “loss”), but it was a necessary loss as part of a greater investment.  Two hours later, at 7:30pm, I left Auckland.  Twelve hours, and roughly ten thousand kilometres later, I arrived in San Francisco at 10:30am.  It was still Wednesday.  
This has nothing to do any theories of time and velocity, it just sounds cool to try and put the two together.

I have masses to write about but feel my time here is better spent having the experiences than writing about them, so some of the observations are going to have to wait.  I’m sorry about that.  But I am writing and there will be more to come. 

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  1. If Einstein was alive today his publicist would have him get a makeover and his agent would get him a reality programme. Which he'd jokingly call a relativity programme. And most of the audience wouldn't get it.