28 October, 2009

LIVE AT THE CAVERN CLUB – Paul McCartney (2001)

Paul’s first made-for-DVD release is a good’un. It’s the complete show from his 1999 gig at the replica of the Cavern Club in Liverpool. And for someone who is generally used to playing venues that hold tens of thousands, he still knows how excel in a small room. The setlist is taken entirely from the Run Devil Run sessions with the exception of I Saw Her Standing There, which was only added to placate fans who might feel ripped off if no Beatles tunes were played. This is McCartney in pure rock and roll mode.

The band is a classic rock fan’s wet dream, comprising of David Gilmour, Ian Paice, Mick Green and Pete Wingfield, plus Chris Hall who plays accordion on a zydeco-influenced version of Chuck Berry's Brown Eyed Handsome Man.

Although the show only lasts for just over an hour, that is made up for by the inclusion of two 20-minute interviews, one reflecting on the show and the other promoting Run Devil Run, and two video clips. The promo for Brown Eyed Handsome Man is excellent.

Highlight: No Other Baby
Feature: * * * *
Extras: * * * * *
Audio: Dolby Stereo, Dolby 5.1, DTS

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  1. In a perfect world Paul would play small venues all the time. Close to my house. And maybe Australia after The Troubles.

    Giant stadium concerts are a fun go from time to time but there's nothing like actually being able to see and hear him play. There's a reason you don't play his CDs from across the street.

  2. I think U2 really changed 'stadium rock' with the Zoo TV tour. They realised that if they were going to play such huge venues, they would need to create a show that filled the venue.

    What I realised seeing Paul in 1993 was that there were really two shows going on at once - the show that was visible to those who could see the stage, and the amplified show for everyone else. No matter where you were, you couldn't see the whole production. I guess that's fair enough when people go to every show.