05 September, 2015

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This week I have been mostly reading...

Dyson Heydon may have 'misled' on decision to quit Liberal fundraiser, says ACTU, as ruling delayed again

Well beyond bordering on farce

Stopped on the street by border force? Six things you need to know 

Battlers and plutocrats: How political connections reward Australia's super-rich

Border force announcement went to Peter Dutton's office twice before release 

F is for farce: how Australian Border Force united the nation against it

Border Force: preserving freedom doesn't sit with governments You know you've stuffed up when even Tim Wilson can't rationalise your actions

Tony Abbott's rush to join air strikes in Syria appears politically rather than strategically motivated, Middle East expert says. Ya think?

Two years on, pugilist Abbott leads divisive and divided government  "It showed a level of trickiness that was not obvious, at least to this writer, when Abbott was a Howard government minister." It should have been, Michelle, it should have been.

Australia’s Brutal Treatment of Migrants 

An unhappy anniversary as Abbott government turns two "Most of us believed it when, as opposition leader, he said the soap opera would end and this would be a government of no surprises, no excuses." Speak for yourself, Nikki!

Heydon gave a lawyer's response to a layman's test

Fee concerns cloud Australia corporate registry sale

Tony Windsor poised to challenge Barnaby Joyce for New England

Tony Abbott's first two years: broken promises and confected 'wars' leave voters deeply unimpressed

The Nazis, ashamed? Abbott's Third Reich comparisons are not 'gaffes'  Notwithstanding the fact that Tony Abbott is the world's most well-educated ignoramus, this does raise a question: If hiding your actions is a sign you're ashamed, why all the secrecy over what we're doing to refugees?

Hurricane Katrina is still complex, catastrophic story "Have you ever wanted to be heard and left alone at the same time?"

I’m from New Orleans, but I didn’t understand why we needed to save it (Spoiler: he does now)

New Orleans: The Week After the Week After "Many New Orleanians were dreading this week. They didn't need decade-old memories rekindled. Those memories had never been un-kindled." 

David Cameron’s refugee response would appal past Tory prime ministers

Big Bank Says It’s Going To Cost A Lot To Do Nothing On Global Warming

How We Will Not Be Talking About The Murder Of Two Virginia Reporters

Fairfax leading jihad to bring down Abbott Government, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says Cry, baby, cry

Charlie Pickering's news review show The Weekly deserves another run Hell yeah!

Twitter tyrants and social justice warriors beware! The libertarians are coming for you 

On Aylan and the ethics of circulating images of the unconsenting dead

Happy Monday Paul Ryder to play the butler in Batman TV series remake Holy Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches, you're twisting my bat-melon, man!

Beats By Dre headphones teardown finds metal parts included just to add weight Just in case you were wondering, yes, they're overpriced crap.

Car cassette slot mistaken for iPhone dock

Meals in Melbourne

I got stupid on me and now I need to wipe it off on you:
Jeremy Corbyn’s politics are fantasy – just like Alice in Wonderland in which Tony Blair argues for evidence and reason over feelings. Yes, THAT Tony Blair.

Oliver Sacks, Renowned Neurologist And Author, Dies At 82

Oliver Sacks, Neurologist Who Wrote About the Brain’s Quirks, Dies at 82

The least boring photo on my camera roll:

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