28 September, 2015

Is AB OK? Don’t worry, he is.

By now, you’ll have read or read about Andrew Bolt’s love letter to the memory of Tony Abbott as prime minister.

Why couldn't you tell the truth before, Andrew? Were you lying? Again?
It has even led some to wonder if Mr Bolt should be put on 24-hour watch for his own safety.
Are we at peak unhinging? I wish it were so.

Fear not, friends. Andrew Bolt is not rocking back and forth whimpering under his desk. Instead, he is wearing a grin the size of Ralph Malph’s saying “I still got it!” while he creams himself over all the outrage he has provoked again.

And Bolt, gentleman that he is, has also taken the internet heat off his Sydney colleague Miranda Devine, who wrote something downright dangerous yesterday.

Bolt hasn’t snapped. He still knows exactly what he’s doing.

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