27 April, 2011

The Rules: Privacy

If you want your special day to be free of churlish comments from the hoi polloi, then close the doors and turn the cameras off.

I'm no particular fan of The Chaser. I find their brand of satire to be hit-and-miss at best. But I must defend the right of anyone to take some footage of an event that's just a bit silly and say, "That's just a bit silly."

Some have suggested that if it were us, we wouldn't want our special day being mocked. That's right. Of course we wouldn't. I certainly wouldn't want The Chaser taking the piss out of my wedding. That's why we didn't broadcast it to the whole frigging world! Hell, even our guests didn't know we were going to get married until an hour beforehand. And if Will and Kate wanted to do it that way too, then they should be able to. Since they, (or the Firm) have decided to spread it all over the world's media, they ought to expect a few pot shots.

I'm sure Will and Kate are nice people, but it's the height of conceit to have a thousand or so people, all with their entourages, parading around London in silly hats, transmit the whole thing live, and not expect at least someone along the line to say, "Look at all the toffs in their silly hats."
It's just common sense, really.

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