07 February, 2016

Thinking of linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

'The end of TAFE as we know it': leaked paper details federal vocational takeover

Labor senator Sam Dastyari claims 10 companies have taken control of Australian politics

Malcolm Turnbull has legal defence but not a moral one over Nauru and Manus "The high court decision means Malcolm Turnbull can – legally – continue to hide the policy reality behind euphemism and sound grabs and process. It’s his decision whether – morally – he wants to."

Churches offer sanctuary to asylum seekers facing deportation to Nauru

Scott Morrison needs more than slogans to sell GST increase to sceptical voters

Tony Abbott's 'private dinner' with Barack Obama actually a lunch attended by dozens

Why Abbott should go

Climate science to be gutted as CSIRO swings jobs axe

Premier Daniel Andrews tells Malcolm Turnbull that Victoria will take asylum seekers See this? It's called leadership.

Victoria will take the 267 asylum seekers, Daniel Andrews tells Malcolm Turnbull

Saudi Prince Epically Burns Donald Trump: Remember Those Two Times I Bailed You Out Financially?

Ted Cruz Super PAC Releases New Ad That Misspells the Word "Country"

Woman with Asperger's syndrome who shared viral dog video shot dead by police in Arizona

24-Year-Old Transgender Man With Asperger's Killed By Arizona Police Weeks After Beginning Transition

Benghazi is a sideshow. Hillary Clinton’s real scandal is her role in pushing the war against Libya.

Iowa proved Bernie Sanders can win – and that Hillary Clinton is beatable

St. Aug drum major talks about what it's like leading a Mardi Gras parade

Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies at Age 85

Bangladesh's 'Tree Man' to undergo surgery

Wonderful Life: The 'lost' interview with Colin Vearncombe RIP

Why David Bowie Never Listened to David Live

When they was Fab

The long, hard road to rock’n’roll success: ‘We’re essentially skint’

The guitar Kurt Russell smashes in The Hateful Eight was a priceless antique - Morons!

Martin Responds to “Hateful Eight” Destruction of Antique Six String

Mitchell Pearce is part of a lost generation of men

You wanna talk about cultural APPROPRIATION vs cultural APPRECIATION? Fine.

Study finds romcoms teach female filmgoers to tolerate 'stalking myths'

It's Facebook's 12th Anniversary — Here's What People Thought About It Early On

The End of Twitter

Epic ‘Frinkiac’ Search Engine Matches Any Simpsons Quote With Its Still

Humour and satire:
Local Property Developer Couldn’t Give A Fuck If You Have To Leave The Pub 5 Hours Earlier

Clickbait of the week:
20 works of street art that make you say: how did they even think of this?

These gloriously adorable shelter pets found new lives as viral YouTube and Instagram stars

I got stupid on me and now I'm wiping it off on you:
Let’s Kill All the Mosquitoes - probably not satire. File under "what could possibly go wrong?"

The least boring photo on my camera roll:
Here we see the trail of the Southern Mulleted Hoondriver.
The seemingly random, staggering nature of the tracks indicate what could be a mating dance, or possibly a reaction to the failure of said mating ritual.

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