16 January, 2016

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This week I have been mostly reading...

Exit Bowie, discreetly: 'He thought it honourable to become invisible'

David Bowie was the vanguard of popular music

Bowie returns to home planet

David Bowie returns home - Not sure which of these two came first

Was David Bowie saying goodbye on Blackstar?

The Nobituary: David Bowie

Message from Pete Townsend

Eno reveals content of Bowie's final email

“Under Pressure” Is a Reminder That David Bowie Could Also Be Wonderfully, Powerfully Human

How David Bowie's Let's Dance shone a light on Australia's Indigenous struggle

Joelene King: The dress a reminder of 'amazing man' David Bowie and of 'what can be achieved'

William Boyd: how David Bowie and I hoaxed the art world

When Suzanne Vega Met David Bowie

David Bowie fan Bruce Butler recalls meeting his hero including a barbecue at Molly Meldrum’s house

David Bowie’s ISP, as remembered by the guy who helped create “BowieNet”

David Bowie Lives! The Cunning Exit of a Post-Modern Lazarus

Losing Heroes

Don’t deride those who are mourning David Bowie – this grief is serious and rational

Our collective response to Bowie’s death is as real as it gets

I Can’t Seem to Get Over the Loss of David Bowie

David Bowie Planned Post-'Blackstar' Album, 'Thought He Had Few More Months'

Arcade Fire and Pres Hall hosting second line for David Bowie

'That was David: life and death were art for him' – Mike Garson remembers his friend

David Bowie's Business Genius

David Bowie

Henry Rollins: Bowie's Blackstar Is on the Level of Low and Heroes

David Bowie’s bandmates explain just how he got them to sound like that

Jemaine Clement On Writing Flight of the Conchords’ ‘Bowie’s in Space’

Front pages around the world pay tribute to David Bowie

British Airways pays tribute to David Bowie

David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’ Video Isn’t Just A Goodbye, It’s A Harrowing Warning

Arcade Fire’s David Bowie parade shuts down New Orleans

David Bowie memorial second line in the Quarter

Have A Listen To David Bowie’s 2 Hour 1979 BBC DJ Set

David Bowie on The Don Lane Show, 1983

David Bowie's last days: an 18-month burst of creativity

Shooting the Gayle-farce breeze "You’re sick of hearing the kind of reaction generated by Chris Gayle’s sideline chat up of Mel McLaughlin on Monday night? I’m sick of it too. Been sick of it for 32 years and counting. "

The real problem is not the lamb ad but the militarisation of Australian nationalism

Until men change, nothing will

Coles, Kogan to offer exchanges for Dick Smith cards after retailer enters receivership

Jamie Clements saga: The politics of sexual harassment a bipartisan affair

For our oversupply of lawyers, blame the cult of the celebrity barrister 

Refugees, sex abuse victims take back seat to cricket’s bad boy

Public service retirees set for pension shock

Young, educated and underemployed: are we building a nation of PhD baristas?

Australia snubs US request to ramp up response to IS terror

Immigration spends more than Defence on medals for its staff

American Presidential Candidates Are Now Openly Promising to Commit War Crimes

Dear Open Carry Activists: Your Entire Ideology is an Absolute Joke

Occupy Democrats graphic oversimplifies Trump's inheritance

The Brutalism of Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president

Yes, Ted Cruz is a ‘natural born citizen’

Oregon militants want you to stop sending them dildos - Well we can't send them brain cells!

I'm Voting for Donald Trump. Here's Why.

Facts of the State

Cut From Fox Debate, Rand Paul Turns To Alex Jones For Help

The Daily News Just Made One Helluva Statement About "New York Values"

Emails prove Carly Fiorina campaign has been illegally coordinating with super PAC - Well I never!

Authorities make first arrest in Bundy standoff by nabbing militant driving a federal vehicle to grocery store - Are we beginning to think they might not have thought this through?

The father of a boy killed at Sandy Hook gets death threats; some people say the shooting was a hoax

Bill Cosby and His Enablers: Even victims of discrimination can look away from—and thereby enable—other forms of violence.

Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi stopped and interrogated at LAX

Band Squeeze's 'message' for PM on Marr show

Noel Gallagher launches scathing attack Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership - Stop talking, Noel

What planet is David Cameron on? PM savaged for telling the poor to save for a rainy day

Have you got it yet?

Where Were the Post-Hebdo Free Speech Crusaders as France Spent the Last Year Crushing Free Speech?

Media Frenzy Over Sean Penn’s El Chapo Interview Obscures Brutality

Three reasons the West is losing the war with Islamic State

Jakarta bombing: Authorities had been expecting deadly attacks, Julie Bishop says

(Other) Music:
Virgin Australia break guitars... and keyboards

Stop Pandering To Triple J, Says Legendary Aussie Studio Engineer

Is it sexist against men? First Dog moonsplains sexism. Again

Canadians more polite than Americans on Twitter, study says

The Dictatorship of Libertinism

Studying the spread of ignorance - "Proctor explains that ignorance can often be propagated under the guise of balanced debate."

Six easy ways to tell if that viral story is a hoax

Calling People Idiots: A Practical Guide

New Charlie Hebdo cartoon suggests dead 3-year-old refugee Alan Kurdi would have become sexual attacker - Let's be clear: Charlie Hebdo suffered an unspeakable atrocity for which there can be no justification, but that doesn't mean they're not a bunch of utter dicks. ‪#‎jenesuispascharlie‬

Charlie Hebdo cartoon on dead Syrian child sparks anger

ABC tech editor claims broadcaster “gagged” his NBN coverage

Did the ABC really stifle discussion on the NBN?

Jar Jar Binks actor opens up about ‘painful’ fan backlash

After Outcry, Disney Launches New Rey Toys For Star Wars Fans

Alan Rickman admits editing 'terrible' script with friends in Pizza Hut behind backs of writers on Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Muslims and Christians worship the same God - that shouldn't be controversial

Mental health:
Social Anxiety Disorder Isn’t Fun

This suspected supernova is 570 billion times as bright as our sun

Striking views of our Solar System

Dogs recognize dog and human emotions

Do you know your dashes?

Alan Rickman, giant of British screen and stage, dies at 69

Why I cried when I heard about Alan Rickman…

The Rickman Scale of badness

The saddest photo on my camera roll: