22 August, 2015

Thinking of linking

This week I have been mostly reading...

New Speaker Tony Smith pushed to his limit

Australia needs a new prime minister 

Peter Tregear leaving ANU School of Music

Out of plebiscite, out of mind

Abbott leadership linked with Royal Commissioner’s fortunes

Tony Abbott's leadership 'all over' if Canning byelection lost: nervous Liberal MPs

Matthew Guy distancing himself from Tony Abbott, with good reason

Is anti-intellectualism killing the national conversation?

Knives out with gay abandon in Liberal Party 

Climate Change Authority head says Coalition's $600bn carbon bill claim 'weird'

Here’s How We Confirmed Mark Latham Has Been Tweeting Abuse At Women or, Part 2 of how Buzzfeed is kicking traditional media's arse when it comes to covering Australian politics. He'd have got away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids.

Government running costs to reach record high as disability expenses mount

Keating hits back at Howard's 'charm' offensive on Labor's reform era

Power giant tells state government it should close brown coal generators

Damned Lies, Minister Hunt and Climate Models

Review questions Coalition push to end 'legal sabotage' of resources projects

Economists' concerns with emissions reduction target not what you'd expect

Explainer: Dyson Heydon and claims of ‘apprehended bias’

Adani mine a $20b project creating 10,000 jobs? The Abbott government's myths busted

Sting allegedly captures security guard in Nauru detention camp confessing to fake assault story

Blunt Instrument: What if politicians had no parties to stand on?

The chequered past of former Victorian Liberal Party director Damien Mantach

Canning by-election looms as make or break for Tony Abbott's leadership

GST to apply to all imports into Australia from July 2017

Mark Latham in foul-mouthed tirade at Melbourne writers' festival

Gay marriage: the business case

Woman reducing Indigenous suicide rates through 'care factor'; new program launched to tackle issue

HESTA decision to dump Transfield marks turning point for shareholder activism

Nauru rapes: ‘There is a war on women’ This is being done in our name.

Street Wise: How Do You Pronounce M-E-L-P-O-M-E-N-E?

The Atlantic's Katrina-anniversary symposium: What's it about? Who'll be there?

Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny

Dozens of migrants die on boat in Mediterranean

Royal Marine who lost three limbs in Afghanistan Mark Ormrod: I have to beg, borrow and steal for the care I need

Bangkok explosion: deadly blast near popular shrine kills at least 19

How Alan Jones guides Tony Abbott

The Late, Great Stephen Colbert

Gun Advocate John Lott Was The Real Author Of A Viral FoxNews.com Op-Ed Written From Perspective Of A Female Stalking Victim

Facebook and the Tyranny of the “Like” in a Difficult World

Don’t feed the troll: The five stupidest Brendan O’Neill articles

Coalition approves primary channels for HD 

Waleed Aly shuts down Steve Price on The Project over 'greenies'

Astronomers discover enormous Jupiter-like gas giant 96 light years away

Snapshot shows powerful Typhoon Maysak from space

Apple's iPhone design patent is finally being invalidated, so they can't sue people for making smartphones

A Coup Fails – August 21, 1991

We Want Plates founder: bad presentation in pubs is "epidemic"

The Ash1ey M@dison hack, and the value of averting your eyes

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