15 February, 2014

What Stupid Buzzfeed Quiz Are You?

Question 1:
You’re invited to the hottest new year’s eve party in town. What do you do?
1: Say, ‘What, again?’
2: Spend $2000 on clothes and hair to make sure you look your best.
3: Panic that you’re not going to know anyone there and that you’ll make a fool of yourself.
4: Brag about it to all your friends.
5: Figure the invite was sent to the wrong person and throw it away.
6: Go on a starvation diet before the big night.
7: You don’t like crowds so you spend the night watching TV.
8: Go and become the life of the party.
9: Stop and think: ‘A new year’s eve party in February?’

Question 2:
The best things in life are…
1: Free
2: Me
3: On TV
4: Bees
5: Really expensive, duh!
6: Overrated
7: Different for everyone
8: Ultimately disappointing
9: All around me

Question 3:
Your bestie tells you they’ve started seeing someone and you’re all like…









Question 4:
An acquaintance mentions to you that David Bowie’s 80s output is really quite underrated. What do you do?
1: Say, ‘OMG! That’s so true.’
2: Ask, ‘Who’s David Bowie?’
3: Accept the premise but point out that although it’s underrated, that doesn’t mean it’s particularly good.
4: Nod politely and make a mental note never to speak to them again.
5: Give them a card for a free hearing test.
6: Argue about it all night.                       
7: Shrug and say you don’t care either way.
8: Ignore them but post a nasty Facebook status about it later.
9: Punch them in the face.

Question 5:
If you were a cat, you would be…
1: A cute fluffy kitten.
2: Inhabiting your person’s lap at all times distracting them from everything.
3: Asleep most of the day.
4: Only home at meal times.
5: Grumpy cat.
6: What do you mean if? I AM a cat!
7: A tiger! Grr!
8: Mrs Slocombe’s pussy.
9: I’m not a cat. Why would I be a cat? That’s silly.

Question 6:
Your crush sends you flowers. How do you react?
1: Take a photo of them and make it your new profile picture.
2: Thank them but ask that next time they don’t send them to you at work in the panel beating shop.
3: Wonder how they knew since you’ve never had the nerve to speak to them.
4: Cut off all contact. This is all going too fast. You need your space.
5: You eat them.
6: There’s gonna be sex tonight!
7: You’re deeply offended at this clichéd, consumerist and patriarchal display of so-called romance.
8: As above, but you secretly melt inside.
9: My crush?? Seriously? What am I, twelve?

Question 7:
Somebody famous starts following you back on Twitter. What do you do next?
1: Brag about it on Facebook.
2: Send them a .@reply thanking them, making sure all your followers see it.
3: Send a DM thanking them and expressing what a big fan you are.
4: Nothing. I’m cool.
5: Meh, no biggie. They probably follow everyone back automatically.
6: Ask them for an RT to promote your school fete.
7: Enact the next phase of your stalking plan.
8: Suddenly remember you have a Twitter account.
9: Suddenly remember you don’t have a Twitter account.

Question 8:
Pick one:
1: Lemonade
2: Chocolate feature wall
3: Purple
4: Mint
5: Origami
6: Jogging around a lake at 5:30pm
7: Hair
8: Lurex
9: 1873

Question 9:
You see a friend post a link to a Buzzfeed list. What do you do?
1: Click it, read it, close it. Simples!
2: Click it and read it. Maybe click through a few more links, then close it.
3: Click it, then keep clicking through the other links and lists. You don’t have a problem. You could close it any time you want. It’s not hurting anyone and you enjoy it, so what’s the problem? Anyway, you’re not my mother so shut up!
4: Ignore it. They’re all stupid.
5: Block them. You don’t need that shit in your life.
6: Highly unlikely – you only use the internet for updating your conspiracy website.
7: None of my friends would dare.
8: You vaguely remember this happening once and you have no idea where the next two years went.
9: Friend? Hmmm… Interesting concept.

Now tally your result. Give yourself points according to the option number you chose: Option 1 = 1 point, Option 2 = 2 points, etc…

1-9 Points:
You are
What Jelly-Belly Flavour Are You?

10-18 Points:
You are
What 50s American Car Are You?

19-27 Points:
You are
What Chaser Boy Are You?

28-36 Points:
You are
What Punctuation Mark Are You?

37- 45 Points:
You are
What Is Your Spirit Vegetable?

46-54 Points:
You are
What Forgotten Happy Days Character Are You?

55-63 Points:
You are
What Huffington Post Section Are You?

64-72 Points:
You are
What Hair Product Are You?

73-81 Points:
You are
What 70s Underground Movement Are You?

82-90 Points:
You are
Possibly innumerate.

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