24 March, 2011

There is a Difference, Part 2

....or, Example number 357: Signs of the Times

So, the anti-carbon tax folks had their rally in Canberra yesterday – Tony Abbot’s so-called “people’s revolt,” and the most notable and/or amusing things about it were some of the signs people brought.  Some were professionally produced, some were downright nasty, and no-one seems to have any idea what this one is about:

In Australia, we say “mum,” but okay

There are some great ones on Latika Bourke’s Twitpic stream and on Super Opinion’s Facebook.

And true to form, Andrew Bolt used the ugly side of the protest to show what a bad old bunch the lefties are.  To illustrate his point that they’re all hypocrites, he posted pictures of signs from various anti-Howard rallies:

Are these signs nasty?  Ugly?  Offensive?  Stupid?  Absolutely!  The Hitler moustache is inexcusable if only on the grounds of cliché quite aside from all the other reasons.  But something is missing from all these pictures.  Have you spotted it?

Do you see Kim Beazley, Simon Crean, Mark Latham or Kevin Rudd standing in front of any of those signs or effigies, endorsing the sentiment?  No.  You don’t.  Compare and contrast with this shot from yesterday:

Who is that standing in front of the “JuLIAR.... BOB BROWNS (sic) BITCH,” sign?   It’s Tony Abbott and a good chunk of the Liberal party front bench.  And was any of the anti-Howard ugliness supported and promoted all over the eastern states by millionaires in the mainstream media?  No, they weren’t.

That’s the difference!

By the way, I asked in my previous post on this subject who on the right was prepared to disown the nastiness.  Credit must go to the right wing website vexnews.com for denouncing the extremist contingent at yesterday’s rally.

NB: All photographs remain the copyright of whoever took them and/or published them.

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    The person who wrote mom instead of mum is obviously a plant.