27 February, 2011

A Walk Around New Orleans


  1. Oh, wow, cool. I haven't been to New Orleans (or, actually, Nyawlins) for years.

    Laughing at the "looking the wrong way" thing. I've lived in Australia (after most of my life in North America and/or Europe) for a dozen years and I STILL habitually look the wrong way first (I just finish it up with an extra look the right way).

    Thanks for the tour. :)

  2. If we look that up on google maps will it look the same?

    "Obode" is the word verification.

  3. I ask because they seem to be terribly out of date and I was curious if their images were pre-hurricane.

  4. Ah, good point. I really couldn't tell you. I'll see if I can find out.

    I know that my home was done some time around early 2008 and that was a year or so after the US got street view. I've no idea how long it took them.

    What I do know is that looking around downtown New Orleans and the Quarter these days, you really wouldn't know that anything had happened. You have to look a little closer to see the signs. For instance, there's a 3-storey building across the road from where we stayed that was flooded, looted and fouled. At first glance, it looks like a pretty hip bistro right now, but look a little closer and you see that only the ground floor has been done up and the upper floors remain derelect. There's a really cool second hand record shop on Magazine Street where I could have spent days. They had plenty of Beatles rare editions, but a lot of them had water damage on the covers. It's not obvious, but there are always little reminders.

    I know that there are areas that have barely changed since 2005, but I didn't see those. I told my hosts that I didn't want to go looking for damage but I didn't want to avoid it either. It just happened that most of the places where we had things to do are very much back to normal.