09 December, 2010

Connecting the Dots

So all the news this week has come from one particular website. Actually, that’s nothing new. What’s slightly new is that the website isn’t Facebook or Twitter, or TMZ, but a site that might possibly have some information of some importance.

So what have we (allegedly) learnt this week?

We learnt that the US State Department (allegedly) thought that Kevin Rudd was a “control freak,” who would make “snap announcements without consulting other countries or within the Australian government,” but without “the experience to do the job properly.”

We learnt that Mark Arbib has (allegedly) been an informant to the US embassy.

We knew that Mark Arbib was one of the faceless men™ who removed Kevin Rudd as prime minister.

US embassy not keen on Rudd, Arbib keen on US embassy, Arbib starts moves against Rudd.
Does this all add up to a very Australian coup?

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