16 December, 2009

Christmas albums

No, not albums of Christmas songs, but the rush of releases for the Christmas market. Which ones are you hoping for?

Please Take Me Seriously Again
- George Michael

We Are Like So Sticking It to the Man
- Pearl Jam

Mention the War

- Roger Waters

Veem, Blashh, Flibble Flibble Flibble (Anatomy of Agony)

- Radiohead

You Know the Album I had a Hit With Last Year? Here's the Same Thing Again, Vol. 2

- Rod Stewart

The Very Best of Elton John plus One Track from the Last Album

- Elton John

Coldplay Would be Nothing Without Us. Nothing!

- Travis

What's Cool This Year? Make Me Sound Like That

- Madonna

Back By Popular Demand.... okay, would you believe Glenn Wheatley?

- John Farnham

Greatest Hits and one song from the Last Record

- David Bowie

How to be Incredibly Kickable and Still Get Away With It

- U2

All Time Greatest Hits and the best Track on the Last Album

- Billy Joel

The Best of Iggy Pop
- Jet

What exactly is it that we do again?

- Sugababes

Keep it on Your Shelf to Impress Your Friends

- Leonard Cohen

Statistically, It Had to Happen Soon

- Jack White & Dave Grohl

Look At Me! I'm Strange!
- Lady GaGa