28 October, 2009

THE PETA CONCERT FOR PARTY ANIMALS – Paul McCartney and Friends (2002)

Note “and friends” in the title. Paul himself appears for less than half the running time of this disc. That’s fine, just as long as you know that before you buy it. The main point of the night seems to be for B-list celebs to give each other plaques for making TV ads. It does make you wonder if there might be a better way to fight cruelty to animals. Fair enough if this helps to spread the word, but you have to wonder what’s going on when the inaugural Linda McCartney Memorial Humanitarian Award goes to Pamela Anderson. The awards are punctuated by some deeply unfunny comedy before the second half of the show which is the music. The B-52s open the set, Chrissie Hynde joins them for I'll Stand By You and Paul brings it home with fives songs from Run Devil Run.

Despite Paul being the host for the evening, it’s not really his show. At the right price though, it's worth having, especially for the only live performance of Run Devil Run.

Special features are a collection of short films exposing cruelty to animals. Be warned that if you have any decency at all, you WILL turn away in horror and disgust.

Highlight: Fixing the “discrepancy” in Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Feature: * * ½
Extras: * * * * (but be careful)
Audio: Dolby Stereo

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  1. I'd never heard of this.

    Pam Anderson is a pioneer in the world of celebrity sex videos. Without her those Kardashian girls would never be famous and who would know Bruce Jenner is part of that family?

    I don't know why people knock Pam. She may not wear fur but she obviously eats meat.