08 April, 2009

Mass murder? All part of the liberal agenda

It was revealed pretty early on in the piece that the nutcase who killed three policemen in Pittsburgh was a paranoid right wing extremist. Is anyone surprised?

It's funny how the right wing media (yes kids, there is right wing media – go figure!) has taken such umbrage at the reporting of this piece of information. Just because the killer is known to have used a neo-nazi forum to link to a YouTube clip of Glenn Beck, so what? Well, it would be “so what?” if the right-wing media weren't trying so hard to portray themselves as the victims of left-wing misrepresentation. They're all claiming it's the left trying to make them look bad. Protesting too much? I think so!

This comes less than two months after the news that another right-wing fruitloop who killed two people and wounded six others in a Knoxville church, did so for want of being able to “kill every Democrat in the Senate & House, the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg's book,” according to his own written words.

Look, no-one is suggesting that being a fan of Glenn Beck or Bernard Goldberg automatically makes someone a murderous psychopath (although it surely wouldn't hurt to run a psychological check anyway) but the fact remains that having an interest in paranoid right-wing commentary is becoming as common a part of the profiles of mass shooters as violent videos, recently lost jobs and a history of failed relationships. “Going postal,” is so 1990s. Perhaps in 2009 it should be called, “Going Fox.”

On one level, these right wing pundits are no more responsible for these shootings than JD Salinger is for the death of John Lennon. But at some point, the question has to be asked about what responsibility they do have. Okay, they're not saying, “Go out and shoot people!” but they are making a lot of noise about about revolution, so they are not entirely blameless when some of their simpler listeners take their attention-seeking paranoia to mean, “Who will rid me of these meddlesome liberals?”

None of the politicking from either side should be allowed to overshadow the fact that good people are dead because of these senseless attacks.

But here's my question:
Right-wing commentators are always going on about how “hateful” those on the “far left” are. And to be sure, there are violent extremists on both sides. So why do we never hear about left-wing extremists going on shooting rampages?

I guess it's because the liberal media don't report it. Or because the liberal police don't investigate it. Or because the liberal ambulance service doesn't attend, or the liberal doctors don't treat the victims, or the liberal witnesses don't see it. Yes, it's clear that this violence from right-wing extremists is all just another part of the liberal agenda.

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