19 January, 2009

What's it all about?

Here is an extended version (director's cut, 12" mix) of my ’Blogger profile to introduce myself and the ’blog and explain what it's all for.

Full name is Harold William but those who know me call me Bill.

Computer tutor, IT handyman, presenter of Strawberry Fields Radio, erstwhile member of the Strawberry Fields forum, occasional songwriter and musician, and writer of some notes.

I’ve always preferred to publish my thoughts and essays in forums for an ongoing conversation. In fact, some of my best writing comes as replies. But since my cyber-home of the last three years has had an attack of the vapours, and since I don’t have the time or inclination to develop a relationship with a new one, I’ve decided to move my work into the ’blogiverse. I will probably publish some old stuff here as well just so it can have a new, and hopefully permanent online home. Whenever that happens, I'll post the original date and location.

Here you will find my thoughts on music, politics, music DVDs and life in general plus occasional surrealism. Comments are welcome.

I have no intention to cross-reference this ’blog with any other online networks. The ’blog is here, the podcast is at Podomatic, live with it. Don’t ask me to post updates on Twitter or FaceBook or cross-post at MurdochSpace. My FaceBook profile is for people I actually know. My Twitter is for those closest to me who really need it. My MurdochSpace is for pretending I know rock stars. The rock stars I really do know, know who they are.

None of this means that we can’t get to know each other better through this ’blog, but until then, everything else is on a need-to-know basis.

By the way, if anyone is wondering, since it’s an abbreviation of web-log, ’blog should be spelt with an apostrophe, like ’phone.

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